Friday, 24 August 2012

Update on Poppy Dog

I would just like to say a big "Thank you" to everyone who had kind words to say about Poppy Dog recently.

She is holding her own, but has another set of anti-biotics for a week, which is make or break, as the Vet said there are just no other tablets on the shelf to try.

The last few weeks have been really hard, one minute I am ready to take her to the Vet's to put her to sleep and then she eats and goes for a walk as if she was only a few year's old and looks to be having a fine old time!

Having an old dog is a bad/sad time and I vow never to go through this again, on 2nd September 2012 we will have had her as a member of our family for 16 years and she was close to 2 the Vet thought when she first arrived at our house!

We are always asking the Vet if her quality of life is being affected, as we are guided by their expertise, and as with children in a Doctor's waiting room, she flies around the room like she is fully fit again!

Time will tell but it will be a sad day when she goes to sleep and never wakes up again....

Thanks again for all your support.


  1. Poppy is such so cute! My heart goes out to you. It is so hard being a pet owner! They are definately one of the family. Hope everything turns out alright.

    Take Care

    Sarah x

  2. Thanks Sarah, very much apprciated comment, and oh so true! xxx

  3. What an awful time for you, I really do hope that she is ok. When the time does come you can get comfort from knowing Poppy was been blessed with a lovely long life filled with lots of love. You will have made her as happy as she made you xx