Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Blog may have to take a bit of a back seat for a while!

I have made this card for the men in my life who are soon to have a Birthday, as with things as they stand I do not think I will find a great deal of time for much crafting.

I have been diagnosed with the dreaded "C" word, it is breast cancer.
I am to have the lump and the lymph glands removed on 17th April 2013 and I will be in Hospital for around four days.

The lump and lymph glands will be tested and I have an appointment on 2nd May 2013 to get the results and for a decision to be made as to whether I will need Radiotherapy or Chaemotherapy or both, whatever though I am determined to remain strong.

I have found the positive in my situation as I am now entitled to five years of free prescriptions, hooray!

As much as possible I will add to my blog but please forgive me if this is a little hit and miss.

Thank you to everyone who supports me and reads my posts, particularly my wonderful long suffering husband, John and all my family and friends, real or in cyber space.