Saturday, 27 July 2013

More Cards and Cakes!!

This is a new baby card I made.

I made this card as a Sympathy card, I thought it made a bit of a change from the normal.  The flowers were stamped on to acetate and then coloured in with pearl paints.

Our neighbour's daughter and her partner had a baby boy on St. George's Day and so his name is "George".

This is a card for Aaron who is a neighbour and a friend of ours.

My Mum wanted cupcakes, so she got cupcakes!!   Happy Birthday Mum, love you xxx

This is the card I made for Peter who is a dear friend and neighbour of ours. xxx

This is a birthday card I made.

This is a card I made, I don't normally use black!!  I thought it turned out quite well, although I say it myself! xxx

And finally, a "thank you" card for the nurses who looked after me in hospital recently.

More Cards...

I made a thank you card with the House Mouse characters. xxx

This is a Birthday Card I made for Wendy, a good friend of mine who is a Music Teacher.





Some more projects I have been working on!

I made this bracelet and earring set for Carol (John's Sister) and used my melting pot, which I loved having a go with.  She was really thrilled with it and so was I! 

This is the card for Carol as she loves her patchwork.

This is the Anniversary card I made for Dodge and Sarah (my Sister and Brother-in-Law). xxx

Happy Birthday Chloe!

This was a card I made for Chloe for her birthday.  Her birthday was in March, I have only just found the picture of the card though!! xxx

More Cards and A Cake!

This card was for a neighbours land mark birthday, just not saying which one!  Happy Birthday Joyce. xxx

My Fathers Day card for my Daddy! xxx

This card was to celebrate that Evie had done so well in her exams! GO GIRL! xxx

This is my Sister Sarah's Birthday card.  Happy Birthday Sar, love you. xxx

This card was an Anniversary card for great friends of ours.

 My Mum and Dad's Anniversary card. Love you Mum and Dad. xxx

 Archie is now 10!  Where are all these years going?  Have a great year Archie. xxx

And a cake for Archie too!! My Chemo cake.  I was really poorly, it took me days to make this cake!!

New house card for "The Clavery's" they moved in their new house at the beginning of July.


And finally a birthday card for a friend of ours. xxx

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Some cards I have been making recently

This is an Anniversary card I made.

This is a card that I made for my Mum's Birthday.  Happy Birthday Mum!

Catherin and Peter got married on 27th April 2013.  A really special day and we hope you will be very happy together. xxx

This is a photo album that I made for Peter and Catherin's Wedding.  It turned into a guest book on the day of the Wedding though!!!

This card is for Nancy.  A friend that I made whilst in Hospital having my operation.  Nancy is a breath of fresh air as for her 80th Birthday she had asked for a second bi plane flight.  Go girl!! xxx

Dad's Father's Day card for the 16th June 2013.

A sympathy card for a good friend who has just lost their Dad/Father in Law.  Hope you are doing OK Denise, Nathan and family. xxx

Our nephew is said to be far too old for Paddington Bear cards, but it went down a storm.