Saturday, 27 July 2013

More Cards and A Cake!

This card was for a neighbours land mark birthday, just not saying which one!  Happy Birthday Joyce. xxx

My Fathers Day card for my Daddy! xxx

This card was to celebrate that Evie had done so well in her exams! GO GIRL! xxx

This is my Sister Sarah's Birthday card.  Happy Birthday Sar, love you. xxx

This card was an Anniversary card for great friends of ours.

 My Mum and Dad's Anniversary card. Love you Mum and Dad. xxx

 Archie is now 10!  Where are all these years going?  Have a great year Archie. xxx

And a cake for Archie too!! My Chemo cake.  I was really poorly, it took me days to make this cake!!

New house card for "The Clavery's" they moved in their new house at the beginning of July.


And finally a birthday card for a friend of ours. xxx

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