Sunday, 15 June 2014

Happy Birthday Sis again!

I am back to making cakes whoo!

I invested in a Sweetwise (TM) mat which I would recommend to anyone especially if, like me, you have trouble with icing the base layer of a cake.

I made a carrot cake and then iced the base of the cake with the really nifty Sweetwise (TM) mat, which worked really well first time.  Basically it gives you the measurements of icing needed to ice the size of the cake you are making and also allows you to take time to anchor the icing to the cake, it worked really well first time and I am really impressed!  (Can you tell!)

If you are interested in The mat please see the page and watch the video, I promise you will be amazed!

I then used my Cricut Cake (TM) and added a cupcake and "Happy Birthday" sentiment.

I must admit there is a small issue with this cake, for some reason, maybe because I always usually make Victoria Sandwich type cakes, I added strawberry jam as a filling, ah well, at least it will be very different!

Hope you enjoy the cake Sarah! xxx


  1. Thank you Analia, I really enjoyed making this one, and Sarah and family really enjoyed eating it! xxx